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Stefan Gödde has climbed into dormant volcanoes with his camera, has experienced the madness of North Korea up close and spent time in Chernobyl and Fukushima, but there is no reason to believe he is tired of life - actually, the opposite is true!

He loves both life and his job, which is communicating exciting knowledge - as a journalist, television presenter and book author. Whenever he has a little time for himself, Stefan is to be found enjoying nature in the forest or on the tops of mountains. He has five godchildren, one of whom lives in Africa. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that Stefan is godfather to a cute little polar bear girl in Munich Zoo who loves to hug him to death. Not literally, of course - he hopes!

Along with Rome, Jerusalem is Stefan's favourite city, fascinated as he is by the topics of history and religion. That is why he has put his best tips for visiting both cities into book form: "Nice to meet you, Jerusalem", the proceeds of which he donates to charitable projects run by the Benedictine Abbey "Dormitio" in Jerusalem. And his latest book: "Nice to meet you, Rom", with which Stefan supports the international Christian community Sant’Egidio - which incidentally was awarded the renowned Italian Premio ENIT as 'Best Travel Guide' of the year. The expert jury praised: 'A very unusual travel guide, with which the author offers a surprising, fresh view of Rome'. And the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said: 'Most travel guides about the Eternal City resemble each other. [...] But now! Now Stefan Gödde shows that it can be done differently. In a cheerful mood, curious and noticeably in love with the city, the author of this lively guide walks through Rome. Of course, none of the indispensable Roman attractions are missing, but more interesting are the many encounters the author has on his twelve walks and in which he lets us participate. [...] These conversations [...] give the impression whilst reading that one is making these equally interesting and amiable travel acquaintances oneself.‘

Stefan is a modern-day discoverer, a man of his beloved Sauerland at heart, a student of German and English language and literature, a self-confessed book junkie and a huge fan of the aphorism attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero:

Never begin to cease learning, and never cease to begin it.

With this in mind: Enjoy browsing this website or Stefan's Instagram Account.


  • TODAY (since 2009)
    Presenter of the educational programme GALILEO, ProSieben
  • TODAY (since 2010)
    Presenter of GREEN SEVEN REPORT, ProSieben
    • 2021 The truth about our food
    • 2020 Our forest is on fire
    • 2019 Save the Oceans
    • 2018 Save the Future
    • 2017 Save the Ice
    • 2016 Save the Water
    • 2015 Why the world is fighting for bees
    • 2014 Nature’s Superpowers
    • 2012 Urban Gardening
    • 2011 The Treasure in the Trash
    • 2010 Eden Project Cornwall
  • TODAY (since 2016)
    Inside China, Inside Russia, Inside Fukushima, Inside USA, Inside Brexit
  • TODAY (since 2011)
    Presenter of GALILEO SPEZIAL (selection), ProSieben
    • 2022 Inside Israel
    • 2019 30 years after the Wall came down
    • 2016 Youth culture in Iran
    • 2015 Sinkholes - What’s happening below our feet?
    • 2014 The Secret Land - Life in North Korea
    • 2013 Danger at the beach - Bombs in the Baltic Sea
    • 2012 Volcanoes - Danger from the depths of the earth
    • 2011 Chernobyl - 25 years after the ultimate MCA
  • 2014
    Presenter of WHAT DO I KNOW?!, Sat1
  • 2013
    Presenter of THE INCREDIBLE MR. GOODWIN, ProSieben
  • 2011/2012
    Presenter of THE VOICE OF GERMANY, ProSieben/Sat1
  • 2010
    Presenter of CRAZY COMPETITION, ProSieben
  • 2009
  • 2008/2009
    Presenter of THE NEXT URI GELLER, ProSieben
  • 2006
    Presenter of STARS ON ICE - by KATARINA WITT, ProSieben
  • 2005 - 2009
    Presenter of TAFF, ProSieben
  • 2002 - 2005
    Presenter of BIZZ, ProSieben


I am a professional presenter for Corporate Events and Trade Fairs - in English and German

References (Selection):

Product Launch of the new Audi A3
Showroom Opening Berlin
World-Reporter - Audi Journal

Mercedes Benz
Presenter of the Business Forum

Annual press conference CEBIT
Presentation of Vaio Professional

Procter & Gamble
Head and Shoulders - Testimonial
Vick’s Cough Drops - Testimonial

Berlin Chemie
Product Launch Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Gala 150. birthday

Change Summit

BILANZ business magazine
Start me up - Award

EFFIE Awards

Cologne Trade Fair
Opening Ceremony GamesCom
Innovation Award - Kind und Jugend
Grips und Co

Munich Trade Fair
Wessels & Müller - Trade Fair

Frankfurt Trade Fair
Opening Ceremony Formnext - Additive Technologies and Tool Making

Charity Work

I support the following organizations and projects with all my heart

Ambassador for World Vision

Laugh-Ambassador for „Bad Kreuznach lacht“

Schools against Racism - Schools with Courage!
Ambassador for „Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium“ Rüthen

Ambassador of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park


in the category „Best Infotainment“ for „Galileo“

in the category „Best Entertainment Show“ for „The Voice of Germany“

in the category „Best Entertainment“ for „The Voice of Germany“



Moderator Stefan Gödde in Tallahassee/Florida für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Pjöngjang/Nordkorea für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Panmunjeom/Nordkorea für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Pjöngjang/Nordkorea für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Pjöngjang/Nordkorea für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde im Galileo Spezial: Save the bees
Moderator Stefan Gödde für GreenSeven
Moderator Stefan Gödde in einem isländischen Vulkan für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde auf Hawaii für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde im Tsunami Warning Center auf Hawaii für Galileo Spezial
Moderator Stefan Gödde vor der Verbotenen Stadt/Peking für „Inside mit Stefan Gödde“
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Fukushima für „Inside mit Stefan Gödde“
Moderator Stefan Gödde in Fukushima für „Inside mit Stefan Gödde“
Moderator Stefan Gödde auf dem Roten Platz/Moskau für „Inside mit Stefan Gödde“
Galileo-Moderator Stefan Gödde


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